In this paper (arXiv, code, video), we focus on the robust and accurate estimation of liquid height for robotic pouring. However, vision-based methods often fail in occluded conditions while audio-based methods cannot work well in a noisy environment. We instead propose a multimodal pouring network (MP-Net) that is able to robustly predict liquid height by conditioning on both audition and haptics input. MP-Net is trained on a self-collected multimodal pouring dataset. This dataset contains 300 robot pouring recordings with audio and force/torque measurements for three types of target containers. We also augment the audio data by inserting robot noise. We evaluated MP-Net on our collected dataset and a wide variety of robot experiments. Both network training results and robot experiments demonstrate that MP-Net is robust against noise and changes to the task and environment. Moreover, we further combine the predicted height and force data to estimate the shape of the target container.




Target containers


Dataset and experiment setup





Code of this project can be found at https://github.com/lianghongzhuo/MultimodalPouring.


Please contact Hongzhuo Liang (liang[at]informatik.uni-hamburg.de) for the download link.


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